Science and production association RosAgroChim LLC was founded in 2003, and since then it has been proving its worth as one of the leading and most dynamically-developing companies in Russia in the field of plant protection chemicals.

RosAgroChim LLC offers a wide range of pesticides that provide complex protection for agricultural crops. Our products include herbicides (controlling weeds), insecticides (destroying pests), fumigants (saving yields in storehouses), fungicides (disinfecting seeds), desiccants (pre-harvest drying), and rodenticides (killing rodents). Also our Company offers solutions for non-agricultural application, which can be used along roads, fences pipelines, etc. and at present we are bringing out a new series of products – fertilizers.

All in all, we have more than 40 pesticides registered in the Russian Federation.

Our exclusive distributors work in more than 10 regions of the Russian Federation, and provide farmers with plant protection chemicals. The quality and effectiveness of our products are proven by farm scale trials.

The primary objective of our company is to provide our partners with high-quality, effective products which are safe for the environment.

Every customer, whether it is a small farm or a large company, is very important to us.

Agricultural crops